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3/4 leggings, plain

Women's leggings, 3/4 length, in plain fabric.
22.90 (GEL)

Basic leggings

Women's leggings in a single-colour soft cotton. The garment is available in various colours.
27.90 (GEL)

High-waisted leggings

Women's plain high-waisted leggings.
29.90 (GEL)

Leggings with stripe and lettering

Long women's leggings with stripes down the side and lettering.
42.90 (GEL) 19.90 (GEL)

Plain cyclist-style leggings

Women's leggings in plain fabric. Cyclist style design.
24.90 (GEL) 19.90 (GEL)

Plain long leggings

Women's basic leggings
27.90 (GEL)

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