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Embossed faux leather belt

Embossed women's belt in glossy faux leather. Metallic buckle.
12.90 (GEL) 9.90 (GEL)

Faux leather narrow belt

Women's plain faux leather narrow belt with round metal buckle. XS/S 95cm. M/L 110cm.
19.90 (GEL) 9.90 (GEL)

Faux tumbled leather belt

Women's plain faux tumbled leather belt with a metal buckle.
19.90 (GEL) 17.90 (GEL)

Slim plain-coloured belt with buckle

Slim women's belt in plain-coloured eco-leather with metal buckle.
19.90 (GEL) 14.90 (GEL)

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